Monday, September 24, 2007


TO: Red
FROM: John

I hope you have a great Birthday today!!

Can you find the Bands?

How many bands can you find? the are 74 in all. See the planes in the sky? What band is that you say. The B52's! Get the idea? Leave your answers in the comments section. The person with the most correct by the end of the day tomorrow gets a prize!!! Good luck.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I've tried to pay it forward, but I've come up empty. So her is my final plea.


If you want the world to hear your story then reply in my comments section telling me you want the world to hear your story. Tell me something FUNNY about your self or something EMBARRASSING maybe something you've been hiding from others. I will keep you identity anonymous if you so choose, but PLEASE respond.

Now having been a Blog stalker myself, i know how difficult it can be to actually participate on a blog. WE all love our anonymity and sometimes we are not willing to give it up, but i asking you to give it a try. I took that leap of faith and responded to Cjanes request for interviews. Of course never in a million years did i think she would choose ME! I'm glad she did because it changed my view of the Blogger world.

Jump in and give it a try, the water is great!!!

Thursday's Thoughts

Every Blog I read seems to have a certain day of the week that has a theme to it. ie(Fridays follies, Manic Mondays, Wacky Wednesday) So here is mine Thursday's Thoughts.

I know most of my family loves the TV show "The Office". Now I've watched it a few times and found some of it to be funny. Usually my siblings and I see eye to eye on most forms of television and Movie entertainment. (Arrested Development, Galaxy Quest, Young Frankenstein) So i couldn't figure out why i did not like the office. Was something wrong with me? Could it be that i was growing out of my childish phase of life? (i hope not)

Then it hit me BAM!!! As i sit here in my office or Cubicle farm as i like to refer to it, this show reminds me to much of work. I hate my job and the people i work with. I hate the easy dropping, the nosey little women that have to know every little detail of your life because there's are to Boring, and the bosses that love to micro manage every thing you do.

So all i have to do is quit my job and then i can get back to enjoying the Hilarity of "The Office"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I love these guys. The only band out there today playing good old fashion ROCK and ROLL!!!

Kids what kids?

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, having children has fallen to eighth on a list of nine keys to happiness in marriage, way behind what is now considered more important, such as sharing household chores and being faithful:

1. Fidelity 93%

2. Good sex 70%

3. Sharing household chores 62%

4. Adequate income 53%

5. Good housing51%

6. Shared religious beliefs49%

7. Shared tastes and interests46%

8. Children41%

9. Agreement on politics12%

I see these results as ominous. If this self-centered “it’s all about what I wanna have and do, with little inconvenience or stress” attitude continues, future generations of children will suffer increasing neglect. This neglect will cause deep emotional pain and social chaos as their “acting out of control” behaviors negatively impact American society.
Of the nine qualities these folks mention as important for a successful marriage, only one had anything to do with giving, and that is children. The rest have to do with getting. Thoughts of division of labor and responsibilities are clearly out the window as the issue of which person might be doing more in the house than the other is more important. That sounds more like roommates than loving spouses.
When 50% more folks think that not taking one more bag of garbage to the curb than their spouse is more important to a marriage than combining love and energies into making a family, America is in trouble.
Much of Europe is already in trouble with this mentality, with the birthrates not replacing or growing their populations. Italy is most impacted, with most of its population considered “elderly.”

Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Cami!!!

I can't let the day go by with out paying homage to my little sister Cami. Today is her day and i hope it's a good one.

Growing up with her was always interesting. She was a scraper of a kid. Always getting into things and always dirty. She would never let my parents cut her nails because that was her only defense against old brothers and sisters. I can still see those dirty little finger nails as they pinched me. I thought for sure i would get an infection from them. Other than that though i didn't have much interaction with her. We had quite a big age gap between us so we never did much together.

As the years have passed Cami and i have spent more time together. Who will ever forget Johnny and Cami's day of fun. A Few years ago while we were on the coast, Cami and i went to the Queen Mary and had a blast. I still look back fondly on that day and hope to have the chance again to hang with my little sister.

She is a year older today and maybe a year wiser. I know she has her demons and battles them each and every day, but if anyone has the strength and determination to make a change for the better IT IS HER. The spirit is strong in her and the desire to do and be better is admirable.

I love you Cami and i hope you have a great day. And give that dang cute kid a big kiss from his Uncle John.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hello...Anyone there?

Come on people i know my blog is not the most popular, but this is ridiculous. The only person to respond to my interview request was the very talented Jill, but at last she is unable because of a remodel on her house. (Good Excuse)

But where are the rest of you? Is the whole picture interview bothering you? Don't be intimidated, it wont be that difficult.

Please respond and let me know what you think. Should i change the format? A little help would be nice. Tell your friends and family about my blog.