Sunday, April 22, 2007


I hope i have the same relationship with my daughters as my dad did with my sisters. The bond they share has help them through so much. I pray that i will be like him and show them what a good father is supposed to be.

Cooooooper and Red

Just some shoots at our last family outing at the park. I love Cooper this kid rocks.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


My family, My life, My Paradise, "Surely this must be what heaven is like"


Although it looks like are days of vacationing in Newport may have come to an end, I will always have it in my heart. So many of our summers have been spent there, so many emotions rush to the front of my mind. But one story in particular will always be my favorite.
It was the summer of 1987 what a great year. I was heading in to my senior year at high school and looking forward to this vacation with my friends and family. One evening my dad and I went down to the fun zone to just hang out and play some video games together. It seemed we didn't get a chance to do much together any more so this was a little extra special. We played for a couple of hours and even got a balboa bar together then we deiced to go from there to the pier. On the way there dad changed his mind and wanted to head home so I told him I would see him later and headed off to the pier. I love the end of the pier, I know I know it smells like dead fish most of the time, but at the edge if you stand just close enough and look strait forward you can almost feel like you are hovering over the ocean. It's a great alone place if you ever need to just think. After my time time there i headed back to the house. Upon my return my mom and dad were outside waiting for me. Dad said did they find you, and i said who? The girls. What girls? I thought he was talking about some of our Friends that had come along on our trip. I said no i did see them what were they going to do? Then he said now not them some strange girls form the arcades. After we split up these girls followed dad home, Why they followed him home and not me to the pier i will never know, but they wanted to know if i had a girlfriend and how long i was here for. Dad told them i was on the pier or on my was back to the house and that they would come across me if they hurried. So the turned around to never be heard from of seen again. I think one of two things happened. 1 they worked up all there courage to talk to dad only to find out he was my dad then being so embarrassed they didn't want to talk to me. Or 2 Dad made up this story to build my confidence, but he swore to the day that he died that this was the true story. If it was just made up to help me feel better about my self dad it worked. I remember being so excited about that, that a strange girl wanted to talk to me, that was really cool. This is on of a million reasons why i will never forget Newport beach.